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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Political Blogs Join Blog Action Day

Get this, nearly 5,000 blogs have already signed up for Blog Action Day 2009.

If you looked at one blog every five seconds, it would take take over six hours to get through all the participants!

Here, in alphabetical order, is a sampling of 21 excellent political blogs (including this pundit) who are participating in this year’s global discussion of climate change on October 15.

Can you figure out how many languages and countries they represent? :)

  1. African American Political Pundit Blog
  2. Alleba Politics
  3. Blog do Governo de Minas Gerais
  4. Ecopolity
  5. French Politics
  6. Government Jobs India – Sarkari Naukri
  7. Marketing Político
  8. Observatori de ciberpolítica
  10. PathWays PA Policy Blog
  11. PolicyMatters
  12. Polis Journeys
  13. Politekon Peru
  14. politicaenlaescuela
  15. Political Friends
  16. Politician’s Wife
  17. Politics Too Early In The Morning
  18. RealPolitik
  19. Retro*Politics
  20. umweltnetz.ch
  21. Why City Government Matters

Visit all of these amazing blogs (including my own) and discover some of the fine people behind Blog Action Day! And then go sign yourself up and spread the word


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