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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fed's Conspire to Keep Blacks Out of New Orleans, Mississippi and Louisiana

I've been following how Post-Katrina investigations have been uncovering the many attacks on blacks by whites.

Trymaine Lee at the Austin American-Statesman has been covering it as well. It's about time that these news outlets uncovered and told the real truth behind racial violence in New Orleans.‎  It's clear that New Orleans needs and deserves more federal aid, including aide in cleaning up the police department.

I guess the bottom line is New Orleans continues to be a tale of two cities, one black one white.

Remembering Hurricane Katrina

Yes, the Federal government, along with the Mississippi and Louisiana state governments conspired to keep blacks out from coming back to New Orleans and Mississippi  after Katrina. The fact is, the affluent got most help in Katrina disaster. Affluent whites benefited more than poor blacks from programs meant to help Gulf Coast residents recover from Hurricane Katrina.

Governments in Mississippi and Louisiana structured rebuilding programs in a way that provided the most help to the most affluent residents, The Washington Post reported Friday. More HERE


"The recovery is really the tale of two recoveries," said James Perry, executive director of the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center. "For people who were well-off before the storm, they are more likely to be back in their homes, back in their jobs and to have access to good healthcare. For those who were poor or struggling to get by before the storm, the opposite is true."

Oh, but it's not just me saying it folks, get this, a federal judge found this month Louisiana's program to distribute funds allocated following the 2005 hurricane discriminated against African-American homeowners.

Now, let's see if President Barack Obama addresses how Federal funds were distributed and allocated following the 2005 hurricane. Let's see if he plans corrective actions, and shares them with the general public.

When a Federal judge finds the Federal agencies failed in their oversight of Federal Funds, and state agencies discriminated against African-American homeowners, the President and his administration should address it, in a straight forward manner.

I also hope that while the President is down in New Orleans, he will address the Health Care Crisis involving Katrina survivors.  As reported by (UPI) -- Five years after Hurricane Katrina, child support systems -- parents, communities and schools -- are not yet functioning properly, U.S. researchers say. 

Researchers at the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health tracked more than 1,000 Gulf Coast families affected by Katrina.

The study, published in the Journal of Disaster Management and Public Health Preparedness, finds one-third of the children displaced families have been clinically diagnosed with at least one mental health problem since Katrina -- behavioral and conduct disorders the most common. 

However, fewer than 50 percent of parents seeking needed mental health treatment have accessed professional services, nearly half of the households were still living in unstable conditions and 60 percent of respondents still reported their situation was unstable or worse than before Katrina.

AAP: I know the President has much on his plate, but he needs to get his administration popping, on issues impacting our homeland, particularly the poor, and African Americans.

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