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Friday, August 27, 2010

Meek's Got Tepid Support From Obama

First let me say, congratulations to Kendrick Meek who beat the living crap of the billionaire bully to win the Democratic primary for U.S. Senator. I'm confident he will beat the flip-flopper  Charlie Crist and Republican nominee Marco Rubio and in the general election.

Rep. Kendrick Meek won...
Photo by AP file
Rep. Kendrick Meek

Now I thought I was the only blogger/pundit that noticed the weak and tepid support President Obama gave to Meek's. But guess what, I'm not the only one who is checking out Obama and the White House's lack of support of black politicans.  

Well, Cheri Jacobus over at the Hill Blog is following this issue. She points out:

"President Barack Obama's tepid "support" of Florida Democratic Senate nominee Kendrick Meek has raised a few eyebrows — but only a very few. With Governor Charlie Crist (former R-turned-I-for-political-expediency-but-will-caucus-with-Dems-if-he-wins) capturing the silent Democratic backing (at least they've been hoping to keep it silent), Meek's chances seem slim at best.

Obama needs every Democratic vote in the Senate he can get. Crist has a "better" chance in Florida than Meek — so what's a failing, flailing, desperate president to do?

For the nation's first African-American president to offer anything less than full, enthusiastic, unequivocal support, assistance and endorsement of an African-American Democratic primary winner would be, or should be, big news. Huge news."

Bill Clinton campaigns with Kendrick Meek in Florida. (The Palm Beach Post/ZUMApress.com)

I agree with her, I have been talking about this on my blog talk radio program for some time. I also agree that  Meek is one of the worst-kept secrets in Washington and in the media. But it seems that Bill Clinton has no problem jumping on the bandwagon.

Check out Cheri Jacobus full article HERE

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