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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Color Aroused Racism and Cell Phone Study

Tell me it's not true! Tell me there was not a color aroused and race-obsessed study saying that blacks use cell phones the most

Well, it is true, and Kweli Wright over at madamenoire.com is on point about the newsflash about black people using cell phones more than white people

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Yes, as she points out, another study about blacks, and black women has been released, this time it’s about cell phone use. Read more of her opinion HERE

Get this, the report says; Black Americans rack up twice as many cell phone minutes as their white counterparts. An analysis of cell phone bills by the Nielsen Co. found that the average African-American uses 1,331 talk minutes a month. The average white person, on the other hand, only goes through 647. The Caucasians aren't making up this difference through texting either, as they text an average of 566 messages a month, to blacks' 780.

AAP says: I agree with Kweli Wright over at madamenoire.com - Yes, this is another bigoted, colored aroused study, and an attack on black women.

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Why do corporations continue to bring up the race card, then get pissed off when blacks talk about issues of color and race? Hmm...

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