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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Republicans, Democrats, Black Voters and the AfroSphere

Hat Tip: Pam's House Blend who writes:

A picture speaks a thousand words. Take a look at all of the GOP candidates who participated in the NAACP GOP Presidential Candidate Forum yesterday:

Tom Tancredo.

All of the Dem candidates attended their NAACP forum.

Also a Hat Tip to Jeffrey Feldman at Frameshop, who said this:

The resulting photo of Tancredo--standing on a stage of empty podiums--sums up the Republican party's commitment to civil rights in America: the only Republican interested is the guy running to deny immigrant workers their rights.

Check out more of Pam's thoughts HERE

Black voters are a core party constituency, and the candidates are in a fierce struggle to capture our support, refusing to cede it to Obama.

Democrats on the other hand, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the other Democratic candidates for president lobbied for the African-American vote on Thursday with vows to make sure black votes are fully counted in the 2008 election. More HERE and HERE.

Should the AfroSpear Think Tank and the AfroSphere get directly involved in the conversation to add our voice into the national agenda for our nation's future?

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