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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Formidable AfroSphere

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The origins of “AfroSpear” started from a discussion a group of us had in regards to developing a community of African/Black progressive minded bloggers. From further discussions it developed into an idea to create a diasporic-wide think tank type blog comprising of 6 bloggers: 3 women and 3 men. The vision was that it would focus on discussing issues, exchanging ideas and creating strategies, with the objective of developing concrete and viable solutions to tackle the concerns relating to those of African descent worldwide.

The 6 we initially started with had developed a relationship by exchanging ideas and having discussions and respectful debates on each others blogs. We didn’t always agree, but what we had in common was our love for our community and a commitment to the progress of those of African descent, both near and far. We came from 4 different countries on 3 continents. We brought a variety of experiences, perspectives, ideas, beliefs and values in an effort to foster understanding, wisdom, knowledge and strength.

So we are currently and forever will be a work in progress. Standing still is not an option! When one stands still, you actually start moving backwards, you get left behind as others move forward. We don’t claim to have all the answers but we are searching. We want to be a part of, connected to and add our collective voice to the variety of other Afrocentric/Black individuals, cells, conglomerations and collectives out in the AfroSphere. To the best and the brightest for the progress of our people.

Moderators and Contributors:





Field Negro


Lubangakene aka thefreeslave


Well, that was the beginning of many conversations, smart work, that has lead us to where we are today. Here is a article that provides us an opportunity to stop for a minute and look back and praise our higher power, and say to each other good work, yet we have much work to do.

Check out this power article on our formidable AfroSphere:

As formidable as it is amorphous, this new African-American blogosphere, which scarcely even existed a year ago, now comprises hundreds of interlinked blogs and tens of the thousands of followers who within a matter of a few weeks collected 220,000 petition signatures—and more than $130,000 in donations for legal fees—in support of six black Jena teenagers who are being prosecuted on felony battery charges for beating a white student.

"Ten years ago this couldn't have happened," said Sharpton, who said he first heard about the Jena case on the Internet. "You didn't have the Internet and you didn't have black blogs and you didn't have national radio shows. Now we can talk to all of black America every day. We've been able to form our own underground railroad of information, and when everybody else looks up, it's already done." Read More HERE


It started through communication like this: message from Francis: Let the World Know that the Jena March Goes on! and March in Jena, Jena Six Black-Out Day: September 20

To build the AfroSphere

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