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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Reader Comments

Jena 6 - when many white liberals and white bigots seem to agree - strange fruit


From Dawn Deskins

Why are you shocked by this apathy or indifference? This is what happens when you blindly give your support to one political party without asking much of anything in return. Decades ago when "radical" Black leaders proposed a Black national party, to force both parties to compete for our vote, it was dismissed as impractical, lunacy and even racist. We made the collective decision that our best interests would be served by committing to one of the two major parties--racist and racist light. What demands have been made of the Democratic Party that would compel it to be more atuned or pro-active to our needs and interests? We certainly haven't demanded that they do more to elevate African Americans to national leadership. 2 governors and 4 African American senators in 400 years! 10 damn decades of COMPLETE loyalty to the Democratic Party and we can't get a pardon for these kids from a Democratic governor NOT seeking re-election! Talk about zero return on investment. Instead, year-after-year-after-year, we give complete dominion to White Party leaders over our interests and lives. We can't blame anyone but ourselves for not using our votes more strategically. We don't influence elections; we only help secure nominations. We get pimped every four years without asking for even a small percentage of the cut and now we want to complain that pimp is not willing to kiss us when he fucks us?

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