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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Gays, White Women, White Men and The Black Family

Gays, White Women, White Men, Interracial Dating/Marriage and the Black Family

The Politics of the Black Family. Well the National Black Family Reunion is coming again to the national mall in Washington, DC. The Black Family Reunion Celebration (BFRC) is a two-day cultural event that is recognized as the largest, most significant family event in the nation, attracting more than 500,000 people each year! The 3-day festival celebrates the enduring strengths and traditional values of the African American family.

The BFRC features themed pavilions that showcase African American businesses and organizations. Health, education and economic empowerment are just a few of the pavilions exciting themes. The weekend celebration begins on Friday evening with a VIP Gala Recognition Ceremony and Reception honoring sponsors and volunteers. Saturday features the official Opening Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast and all-day themed pavilions, which showcase celebrities, prominent experts, performing artists and product promotions. Saturday ends with an enchanting evening R&B concert on the National Mall. More HERE

I attend the reunion every year. I see very few whites attending the event. In fact as soon as whites who are on the national mall learn that it's a black family event, they usually move away from the mall itself and go into the Smithsonian events not associated with the Black Family Reunion.

I do notice a few white stragglers, or corporate sponsor types, who do attend the event, but I truly notice a disconnect. I guess The Black Family must not include a whole lot of white folks. Or am I wrong?

During the last Black Family Union I went down with my nephew who just got of of prison, after 8 years for a crime he committed as a juvenile. Get this- he stole a bike and assaulted the young man on the bike, because he had two previous weed drug charges he was given 8 years in jail. Now he is a felon. At the Black Family Reunion they had a voters registration booth, he wanted to register, he can't. He is a felon.

OK, so you say, what does this have to do with Gays, White Women, White Men, Interracial Dating/Marriage and the Black Family.

Well as far as I'm concerned we have a lot of challenges to address within our Black Family, but it seems that not many people are addressing one important group blacks convicted of a felony.

With the up-coming Presidential election, black voters may hold the key to the election. Yer with 13 percent of the black voting block, not able to register and vote, one has to ask, why is the Black Family nor asking Clinton, Obama, Edwards and other Democrats, (and scum bag Republicans who are not hanging out in public bathrooms) what do they plan to do to give felons who have paid their debt to society the right to vote?

But why should I be surprised Black opinion makers asking questions or truly addressing real issues of The Black Family. I guess they have just turned chicken.

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