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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Read A Book, Read a MF Book!

Why are so many people hating on a brotha for saying - Read a book? Damn, I know there is a lot of cussing and swearing in the video, but why not give the brotha a little bit of respect for at least begging the question, why are our black children and the many brothas and sisters in jail not reading a book? OK, there are a whole bunch of black folks that don't think that BET should have run the video. I totally agree, It's not a good idea for BET to run it!

Did I like the picture in the video, NO! Should the video be banned - NO!

Should the black
elite Opinion Makers like Jesse Jackson and black radio hosts like Michael Baisden be putting the brotha down for telling folks to reading a MF Book? No!

I agree with bloggers
3BAAS when they wrote, "We found it entertaining, insightful and very true! Our community is in such denial about the state of Black America. While the marketing and execution piece may have been off, the video is completely on point."

Now check this out, even CNN is jumping in the conversation.
Check out the CNN Panel on the "Read A Book" Cartoon.

On a more political note, maybe the President should read a Book.

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