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Monday, March 17, 2008

Take Back America 2008

I will be attending and reporting on the Take Back America Convention in Washington, DC starting today. The Take Back America convention will bring together all of the tribes of the progressive movementTake Back America 2008—grassroots and netroots activists, elected officials, business owners, policy experts and more. A number of Afrospear bloggers will attend as well, including, Pam Spaulding from Pam's House Blend, Faye Anderson of Anderson at Large, Gabriel from the Color of Change and Brandon Q, from the blog The Super Spade

Five themes at the heart of Take Back America 2008:
  • Economic Strategy for America in the Global Economy
  • Green Jobs for a Sustainable Energy Future
  • Quality, Affordable Health Care for All
  • Out of Iraq to Real Security
  • The New Social Justice Agenda
Here is a copy of the Agenda for the conference. I will keep you posted.


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