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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The New Organizing Institutes' Blogger Summit.

Ok, I'm back after a long 45 minute drive :- ) to Washington, DC, and a great weekend at the New Organizing Institutes' Blogger Summit. I have to say, the folks at The New Organizing Institute know how to put on a successful blogger conference. They also worked smart and hard to be as inclusive as possible (with a limited budget and space) to bring together a diverse group of bloggers from across America. the YearlyKos and MYDD could learn a lot about pro-active outreach and inclusion from the New Organizing Institute. it was truly a bloggers conference best practice.

The Afrospear was well represented at the weekend event with some of the most engaging and well respected black bloggers on the web, including some sharp, fine, witty, intelligent, and what us old schoolers call, seriously 'deep' and powerful black women, like sister, Pam Spaulding from Pam's House Blend, and another powerful Citizen Journalist, Faye Anderson of Anderson at Large. There were also some 'deep,' smooth, articulate, and engaging brothers like - Barantunde, a great blogger and comic from Jack and Jill Politics, Gabriel from the Color of Change - classy dresser, Brandon Q, from The Super Spade - The Man with the Plan, Brother Field Negro, along with another deep and powerful brother, Kevin Myles, president of the Wichita Branch of the NAACP. Meeting all of these bloggers in one location was fantastic! I can't wait for the Blogging While Brown Conference. All of these brothers and sisters have it going on. They are no joke. They know there stuff.

I'm with the Field on Gabrielle from Color of Change, he is a dead ringer for Adrian
(Vince) from Entourage. On another note, Check out brother Barantunde comedy, this brotha is multi-talented.

Hey but I can't forget my new Pinto driving friend (LOL), and fellow blogger, Lola, from the Blog, Whatever Lola Wants who joined in for a festive time. PS: Nice car Lola, watch out for that glass!

Tomorrow I plan to blog about The
New Organizing Institutes' Blogger Summit in greater detail. I must say, I met some great bloggers of all background and interest. The event provided me with a new learning curve that I would like to share with you. So... stay tuned, and stop back by. There are some great bloggers out there who are eager and willing to build new relationships with the black blogging community. Including our Latino and I will also talk about that tomorrow as well.


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