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Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama Speech is Viral Video of the Week

Source: PoliticsOnline.com

Obama's Speech Reaches Millions Online

"A More Perfect Union"

March 18, 2008, Barack Obama speaks in Philadelphia, PA at Constitution Center, on Race and Politics.

Transcript of Speech

Barack Obama's 37 minute-long speech has skyrocketed to the 51st most viewed video of all time on YouTube.

Only three days after addressing the Nation in what is now a historical speech on race in America, Obama's "A More Perfect Union" speech has already been viewed 2,761,832 times, with 5,640 comments and favorited 9,889 times. These statistics do not take into account the number of times the video has been duplicated and watched on other sites, including Obama's website.

Viral Video Chart
reports that Sen. Obama's speech has been the number 1 most viewed viral video on the Net for the past three days. Keep in mind that YouTube only counts a video as 'viewed' if it is watched in its entirety. The fact that Sen. Obama was able to keep the interest of online viewers for 37 minutes is historical in its own right.

Not only are people watching the video, they are blogging about it. Sen. Obama has 54% of the Internet's 'political buzz', and has been mentioned in 976 blogposts in the past 24 hours.

Color Arousal = Suspension

Meanwhile, an aide to John McCain Aide Suspended for Relaying a color arousal Viral Video

(Washington Post) Republican John McCain's campaign suspended a staffer who sent out a provocative video linking Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama to the comments of his spiritual mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The staffer, a low-level aide named Soren Dayton, sent out a link Thursday to the YouTube video, titled "Is Obama Wright?" on the social messaging Web site Twitter. The campaign suspended him a few hours later, although it wouldn't say for how long. Full Story

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