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Friday, March 21, 2008

Global Warming and Black People

AAPP: I Love Democracy Now, Amy Goodman is awesome. I was listening to her program this morning about global warming and began to wonder, are others more to blame for 'global warming'? Then I remembered an article I read by Joe Kovac at WorldNetDaily.com. In the article he noted that a New study claimed blacks at greater risk, but less responsible for climate change.

The study released by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation suggested rising temperatures will kill more black citizens than whites in the U.S., while claiming African-Americans are less responsible than others for causing so-called "global warming."

The research, conducted by the Oakland, Calif.-based group Redefining Progress, is being billed as the first-ever comprehensive examination of the health and economic impact of climate change on the black population.

The report for the CBCF had three main findings:

  1. America's black population will be disproportionately burdened by the health effects of global warming;
  2. Blacks are less responsible for contributing to global warming than other Americans; and
  3. Policies designed to mitigate global warming can generate large health and economic benefits for blacks, depending on their implementation.
Check this out, as noted by Joe Kovac, More than 70 percent of blacks live in urban areas which are in violation of federal air pollution standards, according to the report. Thus, more blacks than whites would likely be affected by higher concentrations of toxins in the air.

"African-Americans are nearly three times as likely to be hospitalized or killed by asthma as whites, with climate change expected to increase the incidence of asthma in the general population," the study says.

The research also says at the present time, blacks are more likely to die during extreme heat events.

"The most direct health effect of climate change will be intensifying heat waves that selectively impact poor and urban populations," according to the study, noting cities like New York, Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia have large concentrations of blacks.

AAPP: Maybe we should continue to allow the gentrification of New York, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia and other major cities which have large concentrations of blacks folks. Let's move to the suburbs and let others deal with the health risks of global warming. Oops, was I suppose to say that? What do you think?

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