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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Take Back America - Blacks, Women, Latinos, Gays Represented

AAPP: Well It is about time that we 'Take Back America' from those conservatives. The Take Back America conference is stepping up the conversation for liberal and progressive causes and issues, and there is no doubt that blacks, Women, Latinos and gays are well represented at the conference. As reported by AP and The Washington Post the loose coalition of liberal and labor organizations expects to spend about $150 million this fall to push its causes and help Democrats win the White House and strengthen their grip on Congress. more HERE

Donna Edwards at Take Back America, by Michael TemchineParticipants include the two main labor coalitions — the AFL-CIO and Change to Win — as well as MoveOn.org and voter mobilization groups for minorities and young people. Organizers were announcing the effort Tuesday during conference sponsored by the liberal Campaign for America's Future. Read More HERE and HERE

Read thier blog on the opening plenary featuring Robert Borosage, Diane Archer, Van Jones and Donna Edwards.

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