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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Carson Coming to Captiol Hill, Andre Carson,

Hat Tip: BET/Pamela On Politics

Another Carson Coming to Captiol Hill

Andre Carson By Pamela Gentry, Senior Political Producer

Black lawmakers will be welcoming a familiar face to Washington when the grandson of the late Indiana congresswoman Julia Carson (D) joins their ranks. The victory will keep the seat on the Democratic side of the aisle and adds another super delegate to the presidential mix.

Andre Carson, 33, won the seat Tuesday in a special election beating out his Republican opponent, state Rep. John Elrod. Carson won the contest with about 55 percent of the vote to Elrod’s 44 percent.

Carson, the second Muslim ever elected to Congress, will represent the Indianapolis district for the remaining 10 months of his grandmother’s term. ‘Miss Julia” as she was affectingly called by her constituents died December 15 of cancer. More HERE

AAPP: I'm hopeful that this new house member will do a great job the the people of his district and Americans as a whole. I wish him well.

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