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Friday, September 4, 2009

Montgomery County College President Brian K. Johnson, YOUR FIRED!

In my 2nd hometown of Montgomery County, Maryland some crazy things are going on. As reported in the Washington Post, the black man who was the head of Montgomery College was removed as President. Brian K. Johnson was removed from office late Thursday night, as the board of trustees voted to place him on immediate administrative leave, with pay, and not to renew his contract. This is probably a good thing. Get this as reported by WaPo, Montgomery College faculty members Thursday evening approved a no-confidence resolution on President Brian K. Johnson, amid mounting concern that he has steered Maryland's largest community college off course during his two-year tenure.

Faculty leaders said they had little choice but to evaluate Johnson's activities after a spring meeting, when some professors pushed for an immediate no-confidence vote. They gathered information and delivered it to trustees in midsummer. Because of vacations and other scheduling conflicts, trustees could not meet to discuss the findings until last week, Lin said.

The group took no public action at that meeting.

Much of the faculty ire has been directed at Johnson's expenses, including thousands of dollars for airfare and fine dining at a time when the school had austere budgets and travel restrictions. Public records obtained by faculty members showed that Johnson charged $58,165 to his corporate credit card over 21 months.

Johnson said some of the expenses singled out as excessive, such as a $780 tab for a limousine during a trip to Boston, were legitimate and involved multiple college representatives. He said some other expenses might have been fraudulent charges by someone else, because his credit card had been "compromised."

Johnson accused the faculty of attempting to weaken his administration to gain advantage in contract negotiations. Faculty leaders rejected that assertion and said they had enjoyed amicable relations with management before Johnson's arrival. Ouch!

In addition to his problems at the college, Johnson has been plagued by persistent reports that he owes back child support. He appears on a list of "deadbeat parents" on the Web site of the Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff's Office, based on a bench warrant issued last year for $12,000 owed to a former spouse. More HERE

Get this, the Maryland Politics blog is reporting that this guy has a warrant for him in another state for not paying child support...

Ouch, seems that this guy is a off the chain...

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