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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Black Lawyer and Political Activist Files Complaint Aganist ...

Black blogger Francis L. Holland is taking on the Milwaukee authorities to task for the violation of a black woman's rights. Yes, Francis L. Holland is at it again! He has set his attention on the case that Internet Bloggers and BlogTalkRadio host Queen Ifama, Black Achievement, Antoinette and Dale D (a new black blogger) blogged about, and I subsequently reported about on my blog at African American Political Pundit.

Get this,
Atty. Blogger Francis L. Holland has offically filed complaints with Milwaukee authorities over what he calls "A Therapist/Client Sex Case."

It's the case of a state social worker who investigated a report of child abuse for the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare later had sex with the child's emotionally troubled mother and impregnated her. He then hid the woman's pregnancy and the birth of their daughter from the bureau, even as the mother sought to retain custody of two other children, the Journal Sentinel has also reported on the case.

The 56-year-old social worker, Peter J. Nelsen, was allowed to resign from the bureau April 15, according to bureau records.

Now Francis has taken it to another level. Here is what Francis L. Holland wrote, in his formal complaint to the Office of the Milwaukee Ombudsman for Child Welfare:

Ms. Pamela Matthews
Office of the Milwaukee Ombudsman for Child Welfare
1442 North Farwell Avenue, Suite #300
Milwaukee, WI 53202-2913
(414) 224-1337

Dear Ms. Matthews:

Please receive this letter as a formal complaint, and a formal request for an Ombudsman complaint on my behalf, regarding Milwaukee Bureau of Child Welfare social worker Peter J. Nelson's unlawful therapist/client sexual contact with Theola Nealy, and the Bureau's decision to give Mr. Nelson custody of Ms. Nealy's daughter, fathered through in the unlawful sexual contact of Mr. Nelson with a Child Welfare client. Thank you for calling me this afternoon regarding my concerns about Peter J. Nelson.

Contrary to your representation in our telephone call of today, your Milwaukee Ombudsman for Child Welfare web page entitled, "Who Can File A Compaint", states that among those who may file a complaint are "The Ombudsman (who can file a complaint for anyone not listed above)."

In my capacity as "anyone not listed above", I hereby file this complaint and request that the Ombudsman file, receive and pursue a complaint on my behalf, and on behalf of the Francis L. Holland Blog.

Today, I have filed a formal report of these facts to Milwaukee Bureau of Child WelfareWisconsin Department of Children and Families. Ms. Green confirmed that she and the Bureau are aware of the facts of this case as reported: that Peter J. Nelson, worked as a social worker for the Bureau, engaged in sexual intercourse with Theola Nealy, a client of the Bureau, leading to the birth of a third child to Theola Nealy. Ms. Green confirmed that Peter J. Nelson is now in custody of that child. In my child at risk report, I stated my belief that the child of Peter J. Nelson and Theola Nealy is at-risk at this time because the child is in the custody of a social worker who may have committed two or more sexual felonies under Wisconsin statutes.

Wisconsin Statutes 940.22(2), Entitled "Sexual Exploitation by Therapist, Duty to Report, provides that:

Read the full
post from Francis L. Holland

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