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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Liveblogging With What About Our Daughters -Today's Congressional Hearing

African American Blogger What About Our Daughters WAOD is in Washington, D.C . Liveblogging Today's Congressional Hearing

Gina of WAOD says: Folks the list of witnesses is up for who is going to testify today. OH I can see this is going to be just a lovely lovely day already. Scroll down to the posts. You will be able to watch or listen to the hearings via the internet. I haven't found this listed on C-Span. OH YEAH, and immediately following the hearings, Viacom will be plying African American members of Congress with Drank and Vittles at a reception. Ain't representative Democracy wonderful?

Go to her blog for up to the minute coverage of this important event. She also has a link to the congresssional hearing on her site.

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