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Friday, September 28, 2007

Megan Williams was sexually assaulted, beaten and forced to eat rat droppings for over a month

Do you remember the report from ABC News, The news of how inside a shed on a remote hillside of this coalfield community, a young black woman was tortured for days, sexually assaulted, beaten and forced to eat rat droppings.

I'm sure you remember her captors, all of them white, choked her with a cable cord and stabbed her in the leg while calling her a racial slur, poured hot water over her and made her drink from a toilet.

Do you remember the reports about how at one point, an assailant cut the woman's ankle with a knife and used the N-word in telling her she was victimized because she is black. She was forced to eat dog feces.

I'm sure you remember the picture of the mobile home, left, and tool shed at Big Creek, W.Va., where authorities say 20-year-old Charleston, W.Va., resident Megan Williams, a black woman, was allegedly captive for at least a week and tortured by six white individuals from Logan County, W.Va. Authorities.

Do you know how authorities have refused to lodge hate crime charges in the woman's case.

I'm sure you remember how the victim, who is still on the mend from her brutal, month-long experience, has been charged by authorities in three local West Virginia counties on 11 misdemeanor counts of writing worthless checks, one misdemeanor count of obtaining property under false pretenses, and one felony count of failure to appear in Circuit Court.

Do you know how Megan was tearfully arraigned as her outraged foster mother, Carmen Williams, watched. Check out the charges against her (Hat Tip Womenspace):

Megan Williams is charged with obtaining under false pretenses and writing a worthless check in Raleigh County, according to the Raleigh County warrant. The false check charge is for a $32.21 check to Dominos Pizza. The false pretenses charge is for $96.40 to the Kiddie Junction Consignment Shop in Beaver.

In Greenbrier County, Williams is wanted for eight worthless checks, according to the warrant for her arrest filed in Greenbrier County. One of the checks was for $173.79 to BSR Auto Supply.

She was wanted for two counts of worthless checks in Summers County, according to the warrant for her arrest filed in Summers County. One of the checks was for $220 to Jack W. Turner, the other was for $10.46 to Country Roads Store.

A bench warrant out for Williams in Summers County is for failing to appear at the arraignment for the worthless check charges, according to the court document filed in Summers County.

The original charges against Williams all stem from incidents in May 2006.

After the magistrate completed the arraignments for the three different counties, Megan Williams was taken to the Kanawha County Courthouse to be processed. She was released on $8,000 bond.

Do you remember how Megan clutched a teddy bear during the process.

All of these charges were to made so quickly after the rape of this young lady to make the Victim the Criminal!

As black blogger Adrianne of black women in europe has noted the police are making the victim look like she deserved being tortured.

Is this the face of a black woman that needed be be charged with petty theft crimes after being raped and tortured by 6 white rednecks? Why was is so important to charge her right after she was raped? Does this look like a 22 year 0ld? She has been through hell and back and the court system in West Virgina sent her back to hell again!

Now we learn through the Black Press that Logan County Sheriff's investigators have now revised their original theory that Ms. Williams was held captive for a week. In court testimony Tuesday, authorities said they've determined that Williams had been kidnapped and held against her will at the Big Creek mobile home residence since August 2 well over a month.

Do you remember what you read about slavery in America. About how in the deep woods of southern towns black women and little black girls were tortured for days, sexually assaulted, beaten and forced do things that are inhuman?

Do you remember how black folk marched to Jena for the Jena 6 to express our concern for the rights of 6 black boys? As the one award winner blogger Gina would say, What about our Daughters? What about our Women? Where is the Outrage? What about our baby Girls? What about the other Black and Missing So far, neither state nor federal hate crimes charge have been applied. Why??? Why is no one asking Why??? Where is the Congressional FOX Caucus? Where is the NAACP?? Is West Virgina too far to go for us to seek justice?

As Alton Maddox noted in the Amsterdam News, "The kidnap, torture and rape of Megan Williams is not a slam dunk. Already, the NAACP is siding with the West Virginia prosecutor, who is having a problem finding a hate crime for six whites kidnapping, torturing and raping a Black woman while repeatedly calling her a nigger."

Maddox continues, "So far, this prosecutor only sees a domestic dispute. There is a big difference between a domestic dispute and a hate crime. It is like comparing a felony to a traffic ticket. These six defendants will come closer to being convicted for a traffic infraction than incurring a felony conviction. The Megan Williams case will be a test of our gullibility." I agree with Brotha Maddox. More HERE

I remember some time ago we were so happy the the Congress would be controlled by the Democrats. Is it not time that Congress take a look at this hate crime? OK, Black Caucus, OK, Black Conservative, Liberal, and just bloggers in general, OK, Black Talk Radio, OK BET, OK, Black Media. Let's not forget about our babies, our foster care babies, our girls with special needs. Is Enough is Enough? Or should I be even asking these questions?


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