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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

American Schools Teaching the good things about US Slavery

A NJ Public School Teaching 6th Graders the merits of US Slavery.

NJ Public School Teaching 6th Graders the merits of US Slavery. Teachers instruct kids to write papers in support of slavery in America.

One 6th grade black student writes, "Slave labor is the way to go because slaves aren't paid, so all money is profit." He is one of six black students attending this white school. Check this out.

Parents Outraged Over School Assignment to Create Pro-Slavery Ad Campaign

What do you think about a school system that allows this to occur? Should the teachers be fired? Should the principal be fired? Should the head of the school system be fired?

Is enough, enough America?

We always knew that America is a love for slavery, does it still continue today?


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