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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Megan Williams UPDATE

The Megan Williams Case

Hat Tip: Grace N

Category: Civil Rights
Region: United States of America
Target: America

According to prosecutors, a 20 year old mentally ill, African-American woman, by the name of Megan Williams, was allegedly kidnapped and held captive in a trailer in Logan County, West Virginia for over a week. There the police discovered Megan Williams with black eyes, stab wounds and missing hair.

Williams' told the police her captors forced her to consume dog and rat feces, drink her own urine as well as drink from a toilet. Criminal complaints also state that her captors told her she was being tormented for being black and called her "nigger" while assaulting her.

Her alleged captors are all white. They have been named as 49-year-old Frankie Brewster, her son, Bobby R. Brewster, 24, Karen Burton, 46, her daughter Alisha Burton, 23, George A. Messer, 27 and 20-year-old Danny J. Combs.

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