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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Did Hillary Clinton really win the Florida primary?

The Bogus Clinton Florida Primary Victory

OK, Hillary and Bill pissed me off. I told you I don't
trust Hillary or Bill Clinton. Now as the Washington Post noted, they have the cheering supporters? Check. The only piece missing from Hillary Clinton's Florida victory party was a Victory.

I guess it comes back to what Andres Martinez at the Washington Post noted:

The Clinton campaign's flirtations with Michigan and Florida are coming awfully close to -- what's the word? -- cheating. Because those two states moved their primaries to early dates that conflicted with the Democratic Party's plan for the primary season, the party decided delegates from those states would not be seated at the convention, and all candidates agreed to abstain from campaigning in those states. When Michigan voters went to the polls on Jan. 15, Obama and John Edwards weren't even on the ballot. Yet Hillary, with a straight face, is now saying she will try to get those delegates seated at the convention, along with delegates from Florida, where she is expected to do well in today's non-election. Part of this is an effort on the part of the Clintons to change the subject after South Carolina, but it also reinforces the notion that they will do anything to move back into their old house.

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