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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Root.com Launched

A new Web site was launched today. It should be of interest to all African Americans. "The Root" will be an online magazine, featuring thought-provoking commentary from a variety of black perspectives.
Harvard Professor Henry "Skip" Gates is editor-in-chief of the site. Former New York Times reporter Lynette Clemetson and Terence Samuel of AOL Black Voices also lead the editorial team.

I understand that we can expect to read articles from contributors including Malcolm Gladwell, Thelma Golden, William Julius Wilson, John McWhorter and Charlayne Hunter Gault.
In addition to news and views, the site will have a section on genealogy, allowing the black community to trace its ancestry and create family trees. Now that's what I'm talking about! Visit www.theroot.com to check it out!

African American Political Pundit:"THE ROOT.com will become a must read website for African Americans, if not all Americans who are interested in thought provoking commentary from a variety of black perspectives. With Professor Henry "Skip" Gates as editor-in-chief of the site, we know he will take THEROOT.com to the next level."

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