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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hillary Clinton, The N Word, Intolerance, her daddy, and underprivileged Negroes, who lack the self-discipline to succeed.

AAPP: Well look at this. Billary Clinton may have a family history of conservative Republican thinking that blacks lacked the self-discipline to succeed.


Hillary Clinton, center, in an undated photograph from her days at Wellesley College, which she attended from 1965 to 1969.

The New York Times reports on Hillary Clinton — Growing up in the palest of Chicago suburbs, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton had some of her earliest exposures to African-Americans through field trips. She sat in the back of her father’s Cadillac as he detoured through the inner city, cautioning her about the fate of people who, in his conservative Republican view, lacked the self-discipline to succeed.

AAPP: Damn, Now I understand the racial overtones of Billary Clinton. There is a family history of intolerance.

She took a sociology course at Wellesley College that included a trip through Boston’s poor areas. On Tuesdays, she went to a housing project in Cambridge to mentor “underprivileged Negroes,” as she wrote to Don Jones, her minister back home, who had taken her to hear the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speak in Chicago four years earlier.

AAPP: Hey wait a minute that was my old stomping ground, Boston, Massachusetts. Hold up, diod have have contact with Billary Clinton during my work in public housing in both Boston and Cambridge. If Billary called me a negro during that time, I would have been all in her Kool Aid with that Republican garbage. Underprivileged Negroes, just what black folks needed mentoring from a conservative Republican daughter who viewed "negros" as lacking the self-discipline to succeed.

She spent 1964 volunteering for the Republican presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater, a fervent opponent of the Civil Rights Act. She awakened politically in the combustible 1960s, but took a cooler approach to the civil rights movement. She demonstrated for racial equality, but it was just one of the items on her activism list (which included protesting the Vietnam War, agitating to allow cars on campus and fighting for the legal interests of children).

AAPP: Damn, I knew she was a Republican at Heart. Supporting the War on Iraq. Not apologizing for her decision. Damn Republican.

Frayed Good Will

Mrs. Clinton has seen her support among blacks as central to her political identity. She has had many African-American friends and advisers, racially diverse staffs and a Senate voting record that has earned straight A’s from the N.A.A.C.P. Even her rival, Senator Barack Obama, said in a debate that he is “absolutely convinced” of Mrs. Clinton’s commitment to racial equality.

AAPP: The national Office of the NAACP has extremely limited credibility within African American communities. No one is listening to the National office of the NAACP on who to vote for. Their A rating Means nothing to most black folks.

But that career’s worth of good will became somewhat frayed after supporters of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign — and chiefly, her husband — were accused of racially tinged attacks and innuendo against Mr. Obama before the South Carolina primary. Mr. Obama went on to rout Mrs. Clinton on the strength of strong support from blacks, a constituency Mrs. Clinton had courted hard.

The tone of the Clinton campaign deeply dismayed some African-Americans who had been close to the Clintons, including Eric Holder, a former top Justice Department official and Obama supporter. “It places their legacy at risk,” Mr. Holder said. More HERE

AAPP: The fact of the matter is Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a left wing Republican, like her husband.

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