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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don't Drink The Clinton Kool Aid - 5 Reasons Not To Trust Hillary and Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Andres Martinez at the Washington Post has provided additional reasons on Why I Don't like or trust Hillary and Bill Clinton. Here are just five reasons taken from a great article written by Andres Martinez in todays Washington Post. I have taken the liberty of highlighting five. There are many more as you will see when you read the article, Stop Them Before They C0-President Again:

1. Bill and Hillary will do or say anything to move back into the White House.

Bill and Hillary Clinton crossed the line with what they said about Barack Obama, and their cynicism reinforces public perceptions that these two will do or say anything to move back into the White House.

2. They are devious

Bill Clinton's offhanded, what-do-you-expect preemptive belittling of Obama's win in South Carolina (by invoking, apropos of nothing other than skin color, Jesse Jackson's wins there in the 1980s) was a devious attempt to pigeonhole Obama as the "black candidate."

3. They are dishonest

Clinton camp's attempt to turn Obama into a Republican mole simply because he dared say that Ronald Reagan was a historically important president who transformed politics, and because he said that in recent times, the GOP had been the party of ideas. The Clintons immediately cut ads accusing Obama of favoring a whole raft of Republican policies.

4. They Are Cheaters

The Clinton campaign's flirtations with Michigan and Florida are coming awfully close to -- what's the word? -- cheating. Because those two states moved their primaries to early dates that conflicted with the Democratic Party's plan for the primary season, the party decided delegates from those states would not be seated at the convention, and all candidates agreed to abstain from campaigning in those states. When Michigan voters went to the polls on Jan. 15, Obama and John Edwards weren't even on the ballot. Yet Hillary, with a straight face, is now saying she will try to get those delegates seated at the convention, along with delegates from Florida, where she is expected to do well in today's non-election. Part of this is an effort on the part of the Clintons to change the subject after South Carolina, but it also reinforces the notion that they will do anything to move back into their old house.

5. They want a co-presidency without amending the Constitution.

It's become clear that the candidate running for the presidency is "Billary," and that there is far more at play here than dynastic succession or nepotism. When the going got rough in this campaign, Bill Clinton took over in South Carolina. Makes you wonder what will happen when things get rough in the White House. The real concern may be a co-presidency, which raises intriguing constitutional questions. Is Bill Clinton pulling a Putin -- or a Kirchner? The Russian president couldn't seek re-election again, so he tapped a relatively unknown crony to run as his candidate in March, and is largely expected to continue running the show behind the scenes (maybe even as prime minister). Nestor Kirchner of Argentina decided not to run for re-election last fall, but made way for his wife Cristina to win the presidency and keep the Pink House in the family.

I have long thought it would be amusing to watch Bill Clinton adjust to being the nation's "first gentleman." But it's becoming increasingly clear that he wouldn't adjust at all -- that he'd be co-president once again. And as much as I liked Bill Clinton's first two terms in office, I don't want a third Clinton term. At least not co-presidency, without amending the Constitution.

More of the Andres Martinez article HERE

AAPP: I Guess those four of the five points noted below, make them excellent politicians.

1. saying anything to get elected

2. Being devious

3. Being dishonest

4. Cheating

But isn't that what America's political system is built on? Devious, dishonest, cheating, say anything to get elected politicians? Most Americans can deal with the above, because we have become use to it. But I'm not sure many Americans want a Clinton co-presidency.

Are you?

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