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Thursday, March 6, 2008

McSame McCain

Reuters reports President George W. Bush formally endorsed Republican John McCain for president on Wednesday, calling him a man of character who is "not going to change" when it comes to taking on Islamic extremists. "He's going to be the president who will bring determination to defeat an enemy and a heart big enough to love those who hurt," Bush said in a Rose Garden ceremony at which McCain sometimes had trouble getting a word in edgewise.

Bush gave McCain the red-carpet treatment at the White House, a day after McCain sealed the Republican presidential nomination with victories in four states. The two men had a bitter battle for the nomination in 2000 and have disagreed famously on several fronts over the years since then. The endorsement will likely help McCain rally disenchanted conservatives behind his candidacy, and with Bush helping him raise much-needed campaign cash, it will give him a significant boost headed into the campaign for the November election. More HERE

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