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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Texas Political Mayhem

Great Day for Obama!

Record Texas voter turnout tops 4.2 million

Photo Source: Dallas Morning News

AAPP: I agree with Heloise and her post at Strictly Political when she wrote, "Barack Obama should be proud of March 4, 2008. Texas has made Martin Luther King, Jr. smile this week when thousands - millions - went to the polls to vote for a candidate who most embodies the dream of King — the candidate who best represents the closest thing to a third party candidate — a party of the people." The Unexpected turnout seen as big factor in Texas Democratic caucus

Bad Day for Many Voters

Reports are however, Democrats tried to hold one of their Texas caucuses in Precinct 466 at, in all places, the Barbara Bush Public Library in north suburban Houston Tuesday night. More than a thousand enthusiastic voters showed up. They dutifully waited more than three hours to participate. They signed the necessary forms. And when it was all over, nobody quite knew what had happened—not the precinct captains, not the caucus volunteers and certainly not the bewildered and beleaguered voters.

The Caucus chaos leaves voters scratching their heads.


Hillary Clinton gestures to supporters during a campaign stop at the University of Toledo in Ohio yesterday.

Hillary may have won the popular vote in Texas, (by a percentage point or 2) but who cares, it's about the delegates! But guess what, as reported in Business Week, "Senator Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) has another place where she needs to catch up: the Web. Long before Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) began his impressive winning streak in the Democratic primaries, he was trouncing his opponents in their online efforts. Clinton's wins on Mar. 4 in Ohio and Texas may have staved off for now Obama's march to the candidacy. But he still has more than triple the number of supporters on social networks MySpace (NWS) and Facebook, according to techPresident, a nonpartisan blog that covers the 2008 candidates' Web presence. His YouTube (GOOG) videos, with more than 24 million plays a day in March, grab nearly three times more daily views than Clinton's own.

Perhaps most importantly, Obama's fundraising is outpacing Clinton's efforts, thanks largely to online donations. In January Obama raised $36 million, with about 80% coming from online (BusinessWeek.com, 1/17/08). Clinton raised $35 million in the same period, but didn't break out the online component. Pundits project Obama's yet-to-be released February figures will beat the $35 million Clinton raised in February, of which $30 million came from online, according to Peter Daou, the Clinton campaign’s Internet director." Read More HERE

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