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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alan Keyes Leaves Republican Party to Join Constitution Party

Andrew Malcolm, a blogger with the LA Times reports that Alan Keyes officially leaves GOP and hardly anyone notices.

Perennial presidential candidate and former Republican Alan Keyes says he's now threatening to join the Constitution Party and run again this fall
Alan Keyes Leaves Republican Party joins Constitution Party to Run For President.

AAPP: Keyes announced last week that he was officially leaving the Republican Party. What if you announced that you were leaving the Republican Party and no one cared ? Well that is what is happening with Keyes. No one really cares.

Malcolm writes, Keyes is best known recently as the former Illinois Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate singlehandedly responsible for halting the rise of a Democratic state senator there named Barack Obama. In their fabled statewide 2004 contest, Keyes came within 43 percentage points of tying Obama.

In what Keyes' website billed as a "major announcement," the outspoken abortion opponent said he was considering joining the Constitution Party.

"They're considering me, I'm considering them," Keyes told a conference call of several people Tuesday night. "We have so much in common that I find it hard to believe we won't be able to work out a common basis for working together."

The website of the Constitution Party, which has national headquarters in the well-known political hub of Lancaster, Pa., proclaims its political goal is "to restore our government to its Constitutional limits and our law to its Biblical foundations." The party holds its presidential nominating convention later this month in Kansas City, Mo., which is famous for great barbecue.
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