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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Professor William Julius Wilson, Your Wrong About Clinton Regaining The Affection of Black Voters

Harard sociologist, Professor William Julius Wilson, has predicted that Mr. Obama will win the nomination, and that both Clintons will campaign hard for a Democrat to win the White House, with Mr. Clinton “regaining the affection of black voters.”

AAPP: I Don't agree with Mr. William Julius Wilson. The “regaining the affection of black voters.” is not going to come easy for the Clinton's. For this AAPP 'it will be a warm day in hell' before I consider voting for Hillary. Maybe, just maybe, black folks should register in mass as independents after the general election. it's time for black to stand up and be counted in another way. The election will be about change in many ways. maybe its time for blacks to move away from the democratic party, as we did from the republican party in the 1950's.

I agree more with Michael Dawson, who as reported by Kate Phillips of the NY Times is a political science professor at the University of Chicago, posited last week at TheRoot.com that if Mr. Obama is not the nominee: “The Democratic Party will face the Herculean task of trying to mobilize its most loyal constituency — black voters — in the face of deep and widespread black bitterness and active campaigns in the black community encouraging black voters to defect or abstain. You can already hear the angry comparisons. Just like in 2000, the protests will go, an election will have been ‘stolen.’ ” More HERE

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