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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Obama Has Nothing to Gain by Debating Hillary

Why should Barack Obama debate Hillary? Hillary is the one who needs the debates not Obama. He is the leader of this campaign and stay focused. Watch out for Hillary and Bill they will try to paint you as a angry black man. Watch Out! The Media has Jump Ship From Obama To Clinton so expect the media to beat you up for not debating her.

This is election is becoming a Democratic comedy.

I agree with John Weisman at The Washington Post who thinks Senator Obama may need to use negative campaign tactics to beat Senator Clinton. Weisman notes Obama’s quandary: “Stay negative and he risks undermining the premise of his candidacy. Stay aloof and he underscores Clinton's argument that he will not be able to beat a ‘Republican attack machine’ sure to greet him this summer.” More at The Washington Post.

I also agree with Steve, It's time for....

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