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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Are you Black, Black American, African-American, or just plain American?

NPR's News & Notes

NPR had a great discussion this Wednesday on it's Bloggers' Roundtable on: What's in a Name?

Listen to this story...

News & Notes, October 10, 2007 · Hispanic or Latino? What is the preferred term?

On this week's bloggers roundtable, Farai Chideya talked racial identity with bloggers Ambra Nykol,

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Jim Collier, a AfroSpear member, and Liza Sabater.

AAPP: This made me think of something near and dear to me. My own preference of what people call me. Or better yet what I call myself. What is the preferred term for blacks in America? Black Americans? Black, African American, African-American, Afro-American , Free Slaves, Field Negros, House Negros, X? What do you call yourself to identify your nationality? Are you a black American? African American, Black, or just your name? Do you think it's important what people call you other than your name? What does your birth certificate say? Remember Roots? Remember Kunta Kinte? There are many blacks in America who may not be able to identify Africa on a map, but we sure like our African names. i don't know about our Latino brothers and sisters, but there is a strong movement in black America to connect to our African roots, no matter how disconnected it may be at this time. Many people prefer "African American"

Lavar Burton was "Right On" (that's old school) when he said, "My name is kunta kinte."

We as a people need to stop letting others decide what we call each other. Maybe it's time to stop calling each other pimps and bitches and call each-other brothas' and sisters.' It's time for us old school brothas' and sisters' to reach out and give that message to our young brotha's and sisters, son's and daughters, nieces and nephews, grand daughters and grandsons. It's time to mentor before its too late. But that is just one African American opinion, what's your opinion?

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