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Sunday, October 14, 2007



Rash of Noose Incidents Reported
The Associated Press -
In the months since nooses dangling from a schoolyard tree raised racial tensions in Jena, La., the frightening symbol of segregation-era ...


PUNTA GORDA, FL -- A homeowner in Punta Gorda doesn't understand why someone might take offense to a decoration he put up in his yard. more HERE

New York Police Hunt for Suspects in 2 Noose Incidents in 1 Week
FOX News
NEW YORK — Police were grappling Friday with two separate incidents of someone stringing up nooses in public places — one at Columbia University and another ..


Police probing noose incident review Columbia surveillance video
CNN International
NEW YORK (CNN) -- New York police detectives are reviewing surveillance video from Columbia University in hopes of identifying the person or persons who ....



Nooses confiscated from a man who allegedly dragged them past the Jena Six protest on Sept. 20. (Photo: Alexandria Police Department via AP)
Nooses on the Loose After Jena 6 Case


After Jena, Nooses Found at NC School


Hateful Website, Hanging of Nooses Could Suggest Jena's Fight May ..


Cops: Nooses Dangled In Front Of Marchers


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