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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blacks Under Attack In America! A Teachable Moment or Part of the Black Matrix?

I grew up in the deep North, as a youngster my mother and step dad, urged me to read. Reading was always fundamental in our house. Yet reading during my early years was a challenge for me because I have Dyslexia (OK I said it now you know). I adapted, although, I was put down just a bit by other students due to my learning difference. My mom, always supportive said if you don't read the books that you get in school, you won’t get a good job or start your own (business), she always read with us, and encouraged us to at least read books that interest you. She would take us to the library, and we would get the opportunity to get books that we liked. Me and my brothers and one sister would also regularly go to the Egelston Library to pick up books to read. My brother Wayne, was the smart one in the family, went to Boston Latin, (at the time not many blacks were admitted) and is now a Lawyer, Teacher, Criminal Justice expert, and one of, if not the first Black male Homicide Detectives in Boston. Damn! Yes, it was our mom who urged us all to read, Just start reading books that's interest you. One place I would go to buy books was Nubian Notion in the Roxbury Section of Boston. I read books like Think and Grow Rich, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Pimp the Story of My Life by Iceberg Slim, (What)! The Philadelphia Negro, Before the Mayflower, Black Rage, and so many more. But one of the most important books I've ever read was 100 years of lynching. It was a book that made me want to get involved in social justice, community action, political education and community organizing. OK enough of the talk about myself and my family. My point is ... Now in 2007 it appears that things are coming full circle. The Lynching Noose is back.

Nooses Found At Construction Work Site

There is a reason Why the Black Matrix is real and not just another conspiracy theory. Check out what just happened at Columbia University as reported by halfricanrevolution. The reports should make us ask the question: does "institutional racism or Color Arousal disorder start on American College and University Campus and spread across America? And if so, what strategies are collges, universities and communities using to address these issues?

Is this a teachable moment? Or is this America as usual?

Noose Found At Columbia University

By halfricanrevolution.

America's urban centers, especially in the Northeast, have a tendency to deal with the shame of America's racist past by pretending that it is an entirely regional issue. It isn't.

White and black people both face this temptation. White people because they want to believe that they themselves, their friends and family, and even the local society they live in has transcended what they see as the racial time warp of The South. Black people want to believe it because we want to believe that we can escape race, that we can outrun it here in the City; but for the most part we know we can't.

A noose is a noose, in Jena or New York City.

A hangman's noose was left dangling on the door of a black professor's office at Columbia University Teachers College on Tuesday, triggering a hate-crime investigation and drawing parallels to the "Jena Six" controversy.

The ugly symbol of bigotry targeted Dr. Madonna Constantine, a respected psychology and education expert whose books include "Addressing Racism," sources said.

The incident at Columbia follows what is essentially becoming a national trend. Nooses have been hung at Maryland University, The Coast Guard Academy, and a Long Island police station, among many others. In some cases, people simply quit their jobs.

The good part about covering a story on a college campus is the opportunity to acquire some pretty sharp "person on the street" type quotes. More HERE

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