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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Megan Williams Interview by Final Call Newspaper

"They made me take a bath in a trash can outside. They poured scalding hot water all over me and they poured candle wax on me and they told me if I screamed, they would kill me." More HERE

"They didn't feed me, didn't give me no water, they said when they came back they were going to finish me off."

MW: I just wanted to get away. I asked one of them if they could let me go, they said no because ain't no n----rs allowed up here, and they were going to kill me. One day, I was asleep in the room, one of them came in and was kicking me and said hey n----r, we got a noose out there for you, want to come look at it? We're going to hang you, come on. I got really scared. I just wanted to get out of there. I was fighting for my life.
Megan Williams

Source Final Call Newspaper all rights reserved.

Copyright 2007 FCN Publishing, FinalCall.com

Check out the Final Call Exclusive: One-on-One Interview with West Virginia Race Torture Victim Megan Williams

If Megan was your daughter what would you do. What would you say, what would you want the criminal justice system to do to the six animals that raped and tortured your daughter?

It's Time for Action: I plan to be in West Virgina to march with others to express my outrage at the national demonstration. This is a moment not to be scared but to stand against those who we rape our children our defenseless women. I should not only take a stand in West Virgina, we as a people need to take a stand in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and other states harboring bigots that would rape, murder, kill, while placing black men and women in the criminal justice system at astounding rates.

It's time for black folks to start a true economic boycott of those states and stop holding meetings, conferences, conventions, entertainment and other events in these states until there are significant changes in both laws and and actions towards black folks living in these states. We boycotted Sun City South Africa in the 1970's and 80's is it not time for black and white artist to boycott strategic states that practice 21st century American Apartheid. We fought the Confederate battle flag which was placed on top of the South Carolina statehouse in 1962 by vote of the all-white legislature. You remember how other Southern states removed the flag from their statehouses, and South Carolina refused to follow suit. You remember how the NAACP organized a national economic boycott against South Carolina's $14 billion-a-year tourism industry, and in 1999, more than 100 conventions and business organizations participated in the boycott. The boycott was considered one of the largest since the 1970s. It time for another strategic economic boycott.

1919 lynching William Brown in Douglas County, NB

Are we waiting for blacks to be lynched 2007 style?

That's right, it already happened in Florida remember. White Jury Acquits Eight In Death Of Black Florida Boot Camp Youth

You remember how black folk were treated, and continue to be treated in New Orleans by the Federal government. It's all connected.

Those nooses around the country are aimed at black folks. To strike fear in our hearts and in our minds. Are you willing to allow this to occur? We know the Federal Government could care less. Don't expect Bush to protect black folks, he has proven himself over and over again.

What do you think black folks should do?

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