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Friday, November 9, 2007

NAACP - Modern Day Robin "Hoods" In Reverse

The NAACP - A modern day history of taking from the Rich "To Give To Themselves."

Well, Well, The NAACP has collected over $20,000 for the Jena 6 defendants, and plans to "deduct" money for organizing expenses. Yes, the NAACP, is collecting money on behalf of black folk, and cutting itself in with a piece of the money given by David Bowie and others for the legal defense of the six young black men.

As reported by Chicago Tribune Senior Correspondent a spokesman for the NAACP, which collected nearly $20,000, including a $10,000 check from musician David Bowie, said it is winding down its Jena 6 fund and preparing to distribute the remaining cash to the attorneys for the six youths after deducting some of its own organizing expenses." More HERE

I guess the NAACP needs to take from the rich and steal from the poor. But they are not the only ones.

I mean this is a group that seems to continue a history of providing a lavish lifestyles for its womanizing CEO's, and defending lawsuits brought by woman employees against NAACP CEO's. This is another group that has had no transparency and accountability over the years regarding money raised and money spent in the name of people of color.

My simple questions are: Where is the money NAACP? Why do you need to charge these 6 defendants with administrative fees? Just place the full check in the mail without any fees. Infact they should receive simple interest on the account that has been gaining interest in your bank account. How much does a stamp cost?

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