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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Micheal Baisden - 0 The Color of Change - 1

Black bloggers upset with Micheal Baisden

Micheal Baisden

I had planned not to blog on this issue, but I guess I must. I know Jill from Jack and Jill Politics will be posting on this issue too. We discussed this issue yesterday evening and agreed not to post until things played out. I guess its not going to play out, anytime soon. so I urge you to read this post, and check out Jack and Jill Politics blog too.when I talked with Jill she wanted to jump feet first... Well let me let her tell you vs me.

I think its a damn shame that Micheal Baisden and the Color of Change are going at each other in a 'public debate' about $$ and cents regarding the Jena 6 Legal defense effort. This, after
the great work of the color ofchange.org, Micheal Baisden, black bloggers, grassroot people, black college students and other stakeholders to drive the Jena 6 campaign.

Candidly, if Micheal Baisden wants to take on some groups that are not accountable for $$ they receive go after the NAACP, Black Mega Churches, and some of the folks he is currently grinning with (Jesse and Al) in a PR campaign regarding his work on Jena 6.

Eddie Griffin

It appears that radio talk show host Michael Baisden has allowed a disgruntled family member to make "on the air" negative accusations against the Color of Change. Based on what has been made public thus far from the Color or Change, it appears that the allocations are not valid. This is not to say that the Color of Change should be left off the hook. They too could have done thing differently. The Color of Change should have made a transparent monthly accountability statement on their website to keep all informed of the $$ raised and the distribution.

Now we learn, Eddie Griffin, a black blogger, is leading the charge in support of the Color of Change. He and other black bloggers are challenging radio personality Michael Baisden.

Eddie Griffin is not the only black blogger calling Michael Baisden out.
Blogger Exodus Mentality says he is disappointed at his allegations against Color of Change. More HERE Dallas South Blog is also following the Michael Baisden /ColorofChange.org; issue. While the Color Of Change Defended Themselves Against Michael Baisden. Blogger Prometheus 6 is also placing heat on Baisden. Well, it seems like the heat is on for Michael Baisden to answer some questions.

One does have to wonder if this is just a
"Jena-Gate" for Ratings? or is there something bigger going on. Update: This whole issue becoming a big deal reminds me of COINTELPRO case when the FBI infiltrated the Panther Black Party.

Here are the facts as stated by the color of change:

  • ColorOfChange.org has disbursed $210,809.90 of the $212,039.90 collected as of the last reporting period (October 4th). These distributions cover all invoices we've received from the young men's legal teams to date. $33,150.00 was sent to Louis Scott, Marcus Jones' son's lawyer on October 7th (Scott was able to request $35,339.98 but only provided an invoice for $33,150).

    Here are images of the deposited checks to the defense teams, proving they received the funds.

  • The Jena 6 families are all aware of how we raise money and how we distribute it. We make payments to their attorneys at the families' sole direction. Within 24 hours of receiving written authorization from the family, along with an invoice from an attorney, we send checks for up to 1/6 of the total amount donated.

    Here are the authorizations signed by the families, starting with Marcus Jones'.

  • Michael Baisden claims to have a letter signed by all the Jena 6 families that implies that ColorOfChange.org is acting against the wishes of the families. This is false. One parent who signed the letter says that it made no mention of ColorOfChange whatsoever. Two families say they did not sign the letter at all.

    Here is an email sent to Michael Baisden's team by one of the parents who did not sign the letter, asking to see a copy of the letter.

  • ColorOfChange.org is known by all the Jena 6 families. Our executive director, James Rucker, has met with the families on at least five occasions in Jena and has positive relationships with all of them, with the exception of Marcus Jones.

    Michael Baisden's staff know this, because we put them in touch with Jena 6 families with whom they had no relationship.

  • Michael Baisden and his staff know the facts. James Rucker has talked with Baisden directly, as well as Pamela Exum and Yvonne Gilliam who work for Michael Baisden. From the start, we have explained our procedures to Baisden and his staff; we had them verify payments were received by lawyers; we had them verify our process with the lawyers and families--it was in response to an inquiry they started, driven by Marcus Jones' accusations almost two months ago.

    In mid-October, Yvonne Gilliam, who works for Baisden indicated by phone that every lawyer she'd contacted had received their checks.

  • Marcus Jones stated that David Bowie contributed $10,000 to ColorOfChange.org's fund and Baisden let the accusation stand. Bowie's contribution was made to the NAACP for Jena 6 legal defense and was widely reported--ColorOfChange.org never came in contact with this donation. A link to the NAACP's press release about that donation is here: http://www.naacp.org/news/press/2007-09-18/index.htm.
  • Michael Baisden has shown a reckless disregard for the truth. Marcus Jones has been making false allegations about us for months. However, responsible journalists check facts and then report accordingly. We've fielded inquiries from CNN, the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Black America Web, and others, based on Marcus Jones' allegations--they all concluded the claims were without merit and refused to give him a stage to speak.

    Despite knowing the reality of how ColorOfChange has managed the fundraising and distribution process, Baisden has joined with Jones in launching baseless attacks.

  • ColorOfChange.org exists for one reason: to organize and amplify the political voice of Black America and our allies. Michael Baisden claims to share this goal but he is using his show to recklessly attack an organization that has a clear record of doing the real work he claims is important, in Jena and beyond.
AAPP: I guess Micheal should hear the words of Jill of Jack and Jill Politics when she wrote, "Baisden -- you still have a chance to rescue your credibility and Step Off."

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