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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hillary and Bill Clinton - Tearing The Democratic Coalition Between Blacks Apart

My Ramblings before the South Carolina results come in.

The world is watching as old southern "
color aroused" shows its ugly head across America. The US race is capturing the world’s eyes. From Bankok, Thailand, the front page of the Asian Tribune, the headlines read: Democrats fight it in S. Carolina Vying for Black Vote. Color Arousal, subtle and crude, has made its mark on The White House. Like the debate about Clinton having sex out of wed lock with Monica Lewinsky, The Clintons have fueled a political debate about "race" that just may tear a 50 year Democratic Coalition between Blacks apart. It has gotten so bad that Oprah is under attack. Now there are people calling Oprah a ‘traitor’ for endorsing Obama and not Clinton. The attacks by "Team Clinton" and surrogates have been a full frontal attack on Obama's character. The Character assassination of Barack Obama first began when New Hampshire campaign chair, Billy Shaheen, and continued through Robert Johnson, king of ghetto smut and still continues today through Team Clinton, King Pin, Bill Clinton. Yes, Bill Clinton, the now infamous, first white/black prez has almost single handedly caused color arousal to divide whites against Obama. I guess color arousal could just win. But wait a minute, some people may not be fooled by Team Clinton. Hillary (I stick by my man) Clinton may think the sleaze parade of political color arousal works. To me Hillary is nothing more than another George Bush in womans pants. Major media have bought into Team Clinton old south/New South Southern Strategy through what Rikyrah of Jack and Jill Politics calls The Media's Three-Fifth's Compromise.

It's really sad that in
South-Carolina in 2008 Democrats may vote by color arousal, much because of the antics of Team Clinton and their "in the pocket" old southern yes um boys. We really need to check out Team Clinton and The Media.

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