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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Black Americans wonder, " who is running for U.S. President " Bill or Hillary Clinton?

One has to wonder who is running for president, Bill or Hillary Clinton? I thought Bill Clinton could not be President again?

As reported in the Boston Globe article, During former President Bill Clinton's visit to a community development center, a very aggressive question came from a young white man who kept his video camera trained on the former president as he asked it:

You're often called the first black president, and I wanted to ask, a lot of us believe Senator Obama eventually will be the first black president. Are you going to be OK with having stood in his way? Do you think that will affect your legacy amongst the blacks in South Carolina?

Clinton took about three minutes to answer, managing both to show defiance and tug on the heartstrings of the audience, which was mostly white but about a quarter black.

I'm not standing in his way, I think Hillary would be a better president, he said, explaining that he thinks she's better prepared for the times. No one has a right to be president, including Hillary.

Clinton reminded the audience that he has praised Obama as a good man, and said he hoped to be able to vote for him one day presumably meaning after his wifes two terms in office.

AAPP: Why should we have Clinton 2 Terms, Bush 2 terms, and back to the Clintons for possibly for 2 terms? What is this a Bush and Clinton Family Presidential Dynasty? Based on the Boston Globe article, Bill Clinton is actually standing in the way of the first real black president, I say enough of The Clintons why do we need another of Hillary Wal Mart Clinton's Health Care fiasco Part 2, or Bill's "Monica Lewinsky Part 2." Yeah, and now, the great American Presidential race game experience - Clinton style.
Monica Lewinsky & Bill Clinton: Happenings Ten Years Time Ago

Is this the type of experience they (the Clinton's) plan to bring back to the White House? Maybe it's time for Bill Clinton to
'Chill' on the Obama hating and get there on house in order.

Is anyone really listening to Bill Clinton's color arousal and gender baiting of blacks and women? Did anyone check out that Clinton said he expects blacks to vote for Barack Obama and women to vote for Hillary. Great words Mr. president, sounds real Presidential!

There is more, Bill Clinton also said, voting for president along racial and gender lines "is understandable because people are proud when someone who they identify with emerges for the first time," the former president told a Charleston audience while campaigning for his wife.

Then Bill Clinton accuses Obama of stirring up the race issue. All of this as Hillary sends "race code messages' and racial stereotypes by saying Barack Obama came to fight, (you know trying to corner smooth Obama and making Obama to be the "Angry Black Man."

I guess she and her husband feel that her strategy of making Hillary out to be the southern bell scared of the angry, hostile black man, will work to "get out the "white female vote" in South Carolina. Get this, there is even more, the Clinton campaign aired a radio ad in South Carolina suggesting Obama approved of Republican ideas, this as Obama placed a radio spot that says, "Hillary will 'say anything to get elected and change nothing." Including a willingness to have her husband dance like a black man in order to get black votes. Hello folks, its time for Barack Obama.

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