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Monday, January 21, 2008

Blacks, against Latinos, Blacks against Whites, Are Hillary and Bill Clinton Using Race To Win The Election?

I get reader responses via email. Most of them are personal that I keep to myself, but from time to time, I like to share a readers response. This is one of those times.

Bill Clinton and his supporters wanted to have the constitution amended to permit him to run for another 4 years. Now, in 2008, he is running as hard if not harder with his wife to actively step back into a historical position beyond his wildest "fairy tale". As he sees it, he is legally running as a "spouse" to his wife ultimately getting him back into the White House. He has called on the Democratic Black Caucus to not support Senator Obama and if possible, align with his wife. He has split the Democratic Black Caucus, silenced senior black congressional leaders, and rallied the wealthiest black businessmen and religious leader for his plan. He has successfully castrated the nations first electable black president in this drive for reelection. The egocentric masterful orchestration that Bill Clinton has successfully completed is beyond belief and will put the accomplishments of African Americans back decades. The headline soon will read, "Blacks not ready to accept their own as POTUS". All because of one man and his personal desire to find the impossible, his open door to his White House.

By Steve Swenson


AAPP says: I agree with Steve Swenson. In many ways,
Ronald B. Saunders of the new blog Black Buzz seems to be saying much of the same thing but at another level in his most recent post, The Clintons Have Always Played the Race and Gender Card.

What do you think? Are these folks right?

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