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Friday, November 23, 2007

Should black women rally around Obama, because he is black?

As reported on Kansas City.com Barack Obama's wife has a heavy message for blacks in this early voting Southern state: Her husband's chances of defeating Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination may hinge more on them than they do on white voters. More HERE

Joseph Hoskins, left, 17, greets Michelle Obama after her speech to a crowd inside Dreher High, Tuesday, November 20, 2007 in Columbia, South Carolina. Obama, wife of presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, also spoke at the South Carolina State University campus.

AAPP asks: "Should black people support Barack Obama because he is black?

Is Michelle Obama wrong when she outwardly urges black women to support her husband. Would blacks be pissed if John Edwards wife asked a group of white women to support her husband because he is white?

What ever happened to Barack Obama's comments and speech in which he says; "There is No Black America." Now all of a sudden there is a "Black America." ??? Because your not gaining the black vote they thought would be in the bag? My guess, because he thought black folks would vote for him just because he is black, and because he had the audacity to run (which by the way is a good thing).

Will "Black America Wake Up And Get It"? Or are Michelle Obama's comment's just as off point, and off color, as her Barack's comments about there being no Black America?

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