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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tim Page = Racism, Ignorance, or Free Speech

Racism rears it's ugly head at The Washington Post.

Was it "Intemperate E-Mail" or a bigoted statement?

Washington Post writer attacks Marion Barry for his illness of many years ago.


OK I'm not sure any of my readers have been checking out what has been going on around the country, but racism has been running rampant through Washington, DC establishments and across America. Now it has hit the Washington Post in such a clear way, but some would rather call it an intemperate moment. Read MRE HERE

Tim Page, classical music critic

I'm talking about Tim Page, A Washington Post classical music critic who sent a racist, bigoted, insulted and ranting e-mail to Andre Johnson, an aide to D.C. Council member Marion Barry (D-Ward 8). Yes I'm talking about former Mayor of Washington, DC Marion Barry, who is now a DC Coucilman.

I agree with former Mayor Marion Barry, wen he sais "I appreciate Downie's sincere apology, but it's not enough. He [Page] ought to be fired."

Here's the background of the story:

After receiving an unsolicited press release, Page snapped back: "Must we hear about it every time this crack addict attempts to rehabilitate himself with some new -- and typically half-witted -- political grandstanding? I'd be grateful if you would take me off your mailing list. I cannot think of anything the useless Marion Barry could do that would interest me in the slightest, up to and including overdose." Page said he earlier asked to be removed from the e-mail list; Johnson said the office has no record of that.

The e-mail, sent from The Post's system, outraged Johnson and Barry, a former District mayor, who compared it to "character assassination" when "around the nation, it's almost open season on black people."

Get this, now Deborah Howell an Ombudsman for the Post has written an article (no doubt from the pen of Tim Page regarding The Toll of an Intemperate E-Mail. She goes on in her (or Tim Pages) article about how last summer, Page wrote a memoir for the New Yorker about his lifelong experience with Asperger's syndrome, a form of mild autism marked by difficulties with communication, over stimulation and social interaction. Read More HERE

Well damn, this guy should have been in early retirement a while back. He has significant difficulties with communication, over stimulation and social interaction. Early retirement. End of story.

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