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Monday, December 10, 2007

Obama's Health Care Plan

Here is a great article on Barack Obama's health care plan, or lack therof. OK, you know, I've been having a hard time connecting with Obama and his "lack of a real agenda." I've even posted on my concerns about his plans and strategy to fight poverty. OK, folks stop saying that I'm hating on Obama - no I'm not. Politico.com is hating on Obama. Now hold on, Obama is asking for our votes, my vote, and I feel that he like Hillary, edwards and others should say what their plans are. Am I wrong? Well I'm not the only one concerned about his plans, the folks at Mother Jones (one of the most truly progressive Mag's in the U.S.) is asking the same questions. i'm truly more concerned about health care and how he would address poverty in America, than I to whether he says I will become the first Black President.

Obama's Health Care Problem: Why It Has Become the Biggest Mistake of His Campaign

obama_back.jpg When Barack Obama released his health care plan, the health care heavies around the web noticed it lacked the mandate that John Edwards' plan had. That was a demerit. The whole point of universal health care is that because the healthy have to buy health care, there is a enough money around to pay for the exorbitant health care costs of the sick. Obama claims that his plan makes health care affordable so the poor can buy in, but the problem isn't just the poor. It's the young and strapping, who have no incentive to buy health care at any price.

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