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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Congressional Black Caucus Needs to be Held Accountable

Rep. Major R. Owens believes members of the Congressional Black Caucus have a grand opportunity to forge pivotal power. More HERE, Yet the reality is, even with their current voting capacity, the Congressional Black Caucus have voted on three bills that have plunged the Congressional Black Caucus to their lowest collective grades yet, according to Black Agenda Report and the watchdog group CBC Monitor? More HERE

As Black Agenda Report notes, For the first time since the CBC Monitor began tracking the voting behavior of Black members of the U.S. House, no member scored higher than 80 percent. The “tripwire” bills showed great fissures in the Black Caucus on so-called Free Trade, willingness to cave to the Bush administration and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on funding the Iraq war, and on a bill that threatens a witch hunt in search of the sources of domestic “extremist belief systems” and violence-inciting “propaganda” on the Internet. Read More HERE

It's great to know that at least in my home state, Al Wynn - Congressional Black Caucus Member Has Been Held Accountable.

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