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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Music, Politics, Race and Family: Why No James Brown Museum ?

40 Years after the MLK Assassination - 40 years after JB 'saves Boston." No Way! There must be a James Brown Museum!

AAPP: The Auctioning off of James Brown Life Experience is an American Disgrace. Yes,
It's an American disgrace.
With so many black millionaires, let see if one of the thousands of black American multi millionaires steps up and saves these items from being sold. Is there any doubt America needs a James Brown Museum? This is a Black American disgrace. Read the complete listing of items in the James Brown auction. James Brown brought blacks, whites, reds, yellows, and browns together- through music. UPDATE: Micheal-Davis at Dallas Progress informs us
The annual list of congressional pork projects came out today. One of the biggest suspect projects was Charles Rangel's (congressman from Harlem) $2MM research center that he named after himself. Three main quotes of the article:

"But the inspiration for Rangel's library and the idea to give it federal funding came from Rangel, not the college, according to Edmondson. "
According to promotional brochures, the soon-to-be refurbished building will house the new "Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service," the "Rangel Conference Center," "a well-furnished office for Charles Rangel" and the "Charles Rangel Library" for his papers and memorabilia. It's kind of like a presidential library, but without a president. In fact, the brochure says Rangel's library will be as important as the Clinton and Carter libraries.
Micheal-Davis at Dallas Progress, says: "I cannot think of anything I am more proud of," said Rangel, D-N.Y.

AAPP: Your right Micheal, in fact many of his artifacts should be in Smithsonian!
Micheal-Davis at Dallas Progress, for this link: http://tinyurl.com/2ng7lq

James Brown

James Brown , circa 1968.

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

There needs to be a national movement to save these items. Where are you Oprah? Where are you Robert Johnson? Where Are you Bill Cosby? Where Are You Eddie Murphy? Where Are You Chris Rock? Where are You Black Athletes? Where are you Usher? It's time to get busy people. on the eve of the 40th year of the loss of Martin Luther King, this cannot be happening.
I know exactly what I was doing on April 5, 1968, when soul brother #1 James Brown performed in my home town of Boston. He helped save a city from the kinds of devastating riots that ripped most major cities apart after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. I lived in Boston, I was there 'The Night James Brown Saved Boston." It time to save these important items from being sold to the highest bidders. Watch this blog, lets join together to save these items. I want you to join me. Spread the word!


As reported by
Chronicle.Augusta.com There is more James Brown auction items selected - Singer's children file objection to belongings list. As reported By Sandi Martin| South Carolina Bureau Chief

AIKEN --- Hundreds of James Brown's possessions will be available for auction later this year, and the belongings up for grabs range from music memorabilia to cars to clothes.

Court-appointed estate representatives have selected 394 lots to be sold by New York auction house Christie's by Aug. 1, per a judge's order.

The list has already drawn objections from the singer's children and his disputed fourth wife, Tomi Rae Hynie Brown, who says some of the items belong to her.

In February, Judge Jack Early ordered that the singer's possessions and homes be auctioned off to pay mounting legal bills and overdue estate taxes. Court records show that the singer's estate is in financial trouble, and $1.6 million is needed this year alone just to pay bills.

The estate attorneys filed the final list of auction items late last week in Aiken County Court, and a tax appraisal done by Christie's shows that nearly $1.5 million in assets are at the singer's Beech Island home. The appraisal could indicate what the items might sell for at auction.

The singer's heirs were asked to submit a list of items they wanted held back, but a letter from estate representatives included with the court filings told the family that they've turned in an "extraordinary" number of requests that "do not comply with the Court's order."

Five of the singer's children filed objections to the auction list, and their attorney says in court papers that some items can't be sold as one lot and that some items cannot be found in the home.

The Christie's appraisal was attached to their objection.

Check out what is being sold.


Court-appointed estate representatives filed a 29-page list of James Brown's possessions that could be auctioned off by Aug. 1. They include (appraisal value when available):

1974 Mercedes ($25,000)

1941 Lincoln Continental ($35,000)

1962 Red Thunderbird ($30,000)

78 pairs of shoes and boots ($15,000)

Photographs from Mr. Brown's career with celebrities, politicians, family and from his childhood (childhood photo valued at $1,000)

590 "accessories," which include ties, socks, underwear, scarves and gloves ($12,500)

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