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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Equality of US blacks an 'illusion - America A Crazy Country

AAPP: Desmond Tutu has always been an honest broker in South African politics. He is also a widely respected man who calls it like he sees it. I guess that is what he has done this week when he said, Equality of US blacks is an 'illusion.' I agree with Desmond Tutu do You?

As reported by|Tribune, South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu weighed in on the presidential campaign Tuesday in Chicago, praising America's ability to produce the first viable African-American presidential candidate while describing the nation as haunted by a racial divide that still offers blacks what he called only "the illusion of equality."

"You are a crazy country," Tutu, 76, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, said in an interview with the Tribune. "You're a country that has I think some of the most generous people I've ever come across in the world."

But he chided Americans for getting "very, very upset" with the pastor of Sen. Barack Obama, noting that Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. "may have said more crudely what, actually, almost every African-American would have wanted to say. I mean that is how they feel in your country, that race ... is a very, very real issue."

"And I think on the whole you keep trying to pretend it isn't," he added, noting the issue will haunt Americans until there is a way o talk honestly about race, such as holding a reconciliation forum. More HERE

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