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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Black bloggers to the back of the bus!

All Aboard, OK folks, Black Bloggers to The Back of The Bus!

Next Stop The Democratic National Convention, White Blogs off the bus first. You are seated up front with the state delegation. Black blogs, Black political bloggers, black social action blogs... well just wait a damn minute. We have to decide where to put you coloreds. Um... come through the side door. We got plans for you.

AAPP says: Just in case you missed it. Francis L. Holland has a great post on Jim Crow Blogging at the Democratic National Convention. He writes: "I'm concerned that virtually all of the state blogs selected by the Democratic National Committee to cover Denver are white. Of course, it remains possibly that one of these white blogs will bring a Black person along as a blogger. But, Black bloggers and voters are not willing to wait until we arrive in Denver to find out whether a group of virtually all-white blogs will also send a group of all-white bloggers to Denver. We strongly suspect that we already know the answer, and it is totally unacceptable to us. Do any of these all-white blogs even have any Black bloggers who might participate? That's something we need to know before Denver.

Francis notes, "This isn't the first time this issue has been addressed. When Bill Clinton met in Harlem with an all-white group of bloggers, Black bloggers were furious and Clinton's campaign never recovered. The Clinton campaign had insulted and alienated the very Black bloggers corps that it most needed to reach out and round up support from voters in Black communities." Read more of Francis thoughts about Jim Crow Blogging at the Democratic National Convention HERE.

AAPP: Francis L. Holland raises some great points in his blog. I understand that Francis sent a letter to the DNC on this issue. i hope they take corrective action. my guess is they will select a few black bloggers in the second round to keep the negroes happy.

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