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Friday, February 27, 2009

21st Century Civil War Mongering In The United States?

It's not a subject that many black and white conservatives can't handle. It even seems from some polls, that southern blacks cannot handle it. Yes, it has to deal with race in America. Why is there so much Hatred in America? Why are the right wingers at FOX News and others making every attempt to scare Americans into thinking that this country is on the road to Civil War? Why are so many folks in Georgia and other states stockpiling weapons? Why are Gun Sales Soaring in the United States?

While some in the media would like to say, Eric Holder Missed an Opportunity others understand that we cannot go on with this segregation forever mentality.

The fact of the matter is,
American citizens privately control the world's largest arsenal of assault weapons; some American citizens even privately own tanks and grenade launchers. My question, why is there so much 21st Century Civil War Mongering in the USA? [$$$$$-GUN.jpg]

As reported by the folks at
News Hounds, "In a paranoid fantasy spun out over several segments, Beck and a series of guests set forth a number of dire “worst-case scenarios” for the United States in 2014. During each segment, Beck gave viewers the disclaimer that the apocalyptic visions he and his guests presented were not predictions of what would happen but merely what could happen. And yet Beck and his guests spoke as though the doomsday scenarios, including civil war. More HERE

Worst-Case Scenario 3 was “anger and discontent at home.” What they meant was gangs and civil war.

Retired CIA analyst Michael Scheuer even suggested that he approved of any ensuing Civil War. “I don't think the founders ever considered that there would be a tyranny of incompetence but I think that's what we're facing. And ultimately, that's the right of the American.”

Again, my question, why is there so much 21st Century Civil War Mongering in the USA? Do you know? It's people like the
California Mayor and people like him, that create the on-going atmosphere of hatred in the United States.

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