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Friday, February 27, 2009

More Fluff From The Congressional Black Caucus?

Black News.com and other black news outlets are
reporting on a “Black Power” Struggle and how President Barack Obama reassured members of the Congressional Black Caucus that he's on their side and will do what he can to support the group's left-leaning agenda, lawmakers said Thursday after an hour-long session at the White House. Nearly all the group's 42 members attended. Noticeably absent was Illinois Sen. Roland Burris, Obama's replacement who is fending off calls to resign.

The lawmakers — all Democrats — said the reception was a welcome change from the tenure of former President George W. Bush, who held several cordial meetings with black lawmakers but rarely agreed with them on substance. More HERE

Black Caucus Presses Obama

Todd J. Gillman at The Dallas Morning News (tgillman@dallasnews.com) reports the caucus chairwoman, Rep. Barbara Lee of California, called the hour long White House meeting a "historic moment." Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a fellow Houstonian, noted the 12 percent unemployment rate among blacks and said the caucus is eager to work with Obama on solutions. "This was a vibrant meeting. This was a meeting where there were a lot of 'amens' because here we were, listening to someone that is on the same page as the American people of all economic levels," she said.

Although some caucus members had grumbled about waiting more than five weeks for the meeting, long after Obama sat down with conservative "blue-dog" Democrats and House and Senate Republicans, the praise flowed Thursday. The caucus met three times in eight years with the last president, Republican George W. Bush. More HERE

AAPP: I find it interesting that Barack Obama has adopted many of the recommendations made by many right wing think tanks inside the beltway, but seems to have ignored recommendations of the National Urban League, The Poor People's Campaign, Inc., National NAACP, and other black think tanks.

I wonder why? I also wonder why the Congressional Black Caucus failed to release a transcript of their meeting with President Obama to keep it constituencies "well informed" of plans and actions to be taken to address the condition of black folks in America? Could it be, because there are really... no plans? I guess that is why they have such a low approval rating.

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