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Sunday, March 22, 2009

" Sorry buddy, you've still got the job."

In this photo provided by CBS News-60 Minutes, Steve Kroft of ...
The President has spoken. Although the prediction market odds rising that Geithner will go his boss, Barack Obama, sounding like George W Bush, when American voters were calling for Donald Rumsfield to resign, President Barack Obama signals strong support for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Even with the calls for Dodd and Geithner to resign
the president (as reported by the Associated Press) said that if Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner offered his resignation, the answer would be, 'Sorry buddy, you've still got the job.'

Now the Obama administration wants to give more tax payer money away, and will unveil another George W. Bush like bank bail out plan. It's clear that Barack obama's White House is clueless regarding America's Despair over his financial policy. Candidly, I like a majority of Americans was hopeful that the Obama administration would end corporate welfare. Let's see if the AIG fallout trips up toxic-asset sales.

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