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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mensa Member and Color Aroused Bigot, Kills Black Man at the Holocaust Memorial

This pundit and other bloggers like Pam at Pam's House Blend have been warning about this for some time. Now, there is a big debate regarding hate crimes and extremist politics. We have been warning about right-wing extremism and this type of violent anti-Semitic behavior. Now it has happened. The twist is that it was a 88 year old White supremacist and Mensa member,James von Brunn, who decries Jews, blacks on his rambling, color aroused, bigoted anti-Semitic website - killed a Security guard today. There are some bloggers that are excusing the killer, saying he wasn’t “left” or “right,” he was just plain loony. RIGHT!

This guy represented right wing Republicans and their buddy's the Ku Klux Klan, White Citizens Council, skinheads, Neo Nazis, Christian Identity, and many others.

Get this, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said President Obama was "concerned" and "saddened by what has happened" at the Holocaust Memorial Museum today, where a man described by police as a white supremacist opened fire, killing a security guard before being shot by other guards.

"With all the color aroused, home grown terrorism against blacks and now Jews, it's time that the Obama administration address political violence and domestic terrorism in America."
AAPP: As reported by Crooks and Liars:

Glenn Beck and his fellow wingnuts -- the ones who have been whipping up hysteria among their right-wing populist followers since Obama's election and before -- essentially announced they have no intention of reflecting on their roles in today's horrifying shooting at the Holocaust Museum in D.C.

They did this by doing what they always do whenever these situations arise: First call it all an "isolated incident" committed by a "lone nutcase" who just happens to be acting out beliefs emanating from their own quadrant. Then, when that fails, blame it on the Left.

As reported by Crooks and Liars: Beck offered the following rationale on his Fox News show tonight:

Beck: What they're missing is: The pot in America is boiling. And this is just yet another warning to all Americans of things to come.

AAPP: "Glenn Beck gets paid millions of dollars for his hysterical ranting about impending apocalypses of various forms. This Glenn Beck Moron should be investigated by the Justice Department - FBI, and charges should be made for his terror threats against people such as the Commander and Chief, Barack Obama."

It's time for black folk to encourage President Obama to stand up and speak out against the spread of bigoted assaults against blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, Jews and Gays. It's time to crack down against those who would spread the seeds of bigotry in America.

UPDATE: The website HATEWATCH reports, Only days before he allegedly shot and killed a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, James von Brunn transferred the domain name of his racist website to a man in Michigan. Records show that von Brunn, 88, created holywesternempire.com in October 2000, and that Steve Reimink of West Olive, Mich., acquired the domain name around June 1 of this year. The website was designated a hate website by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2003.

Reimink’s E-mail address, “steveo1488@hotmail.com” includes the symbolic number 1488. In white supremacist circles, 14 refers to the very popular 14-word slogan coined by the late neo-Nazi David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The letter H is the eighth letter in the alphabet, and 88 often stands for “Heil Hitler.” Reimink’s cell phone was not accepting messages, and he did not respond to an E-mail request for comment.

Relinquishing the domain name may have signaled von Brunn’s intent to soon “go out with his boots on,” as he once told his former wife. He was about to give away his computer and was living hand to mouth, The Washington Post reported.

Von Brunn is said by police to have entered the Holocaust Museum Wednesday afternoon, where he shot the security guard, and then was shot and critically wounded by other guards. Police say they found a notebook in von Brunn’s car with a list of possible other targets, including the White House, the U.S. Capitol, the National Cathedral and The Washington Post. According to myfoxdc.com, witnesses said he was wearing a confederate soldier’s cap and a long coat, which he may have worn to conceal what police describe as an early-1900s rifle.

Von Brunn wrote racist and anti-Semitic screeds for many years. He worked over the years as an ad agency copywriter and business owner, an artist and a real estate agent, according to his website. He has lived in New Hampshire, California, Florida and most recently, Annapolis, Md. He worked at the anti-Semitic publisher Noontide Press in the 1980s or early 1990s. Noontide Press was founded by Willis Carto, who also started the anti-Semitic Liberty Lobby and the Institute for Historical Review, a Holocaust denial outfit. More HERE

More on this story and the victim later...

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